cultivate awareness through somatic exploration

cultivate awareness through somatic explorationcultivate awareness through somatic exploration



Pre-Registered Sessions

Classes are run in pre-registered sessions, generally 6 or 8 weeks in length.

Two fall sessions:  September/October & November/December

One winter session:  January/February

Two spring sessions:  March/April & May/June

Two summer sessions:  July & August

Missed Classes

Missed classes may be made up within the current session.  Please notify Edi by email if you know you will be missing a class and what day you would like to 'make up' the missed class.  Confirmation of space in the make up class will be provided.

Illness or Injury

If you fall ill with a cold or flu, please notify Edi by email and as much as we will miss you, please do not attend class.

If you are unable to attend class due to injury, please let Edi know your diagnosis and expected return date.  

Classes missed due to illness or injury will be carried forward to the next session should it not be possible to make them up during the current session.

Invite a guest

We love friends & family.  If you wish to invite a guest to join you for class, please confirm with Edi there is space in the class.  Guest drop in fee  is $20 

Studio Etiquette Guide

Upon Arrival

Following Class

Upon Arrival

  • Please enter the studio quietly in respect for those who may already be inside, possibly in a mindful practice of their own prior to class.  Please conduct any conversations with a sensitivity to those around you.
  • Coats and shoes can be left in the hallway outside on the coat rack provided.  Personal belongings may be brought inside and placed in cubbies provided.  
  • Please ensure your cell phone is OFF so as not to disturb others  during practice
  • The studio is a perfume free area, please refrain from wearing perfume to class.

During Class

Following Class

Upon Arrival

  • You are always welcome, at any time, to take childs pose or lay in savasana during class.  This is your practice, please listen to your body.
  • Savasana (laying down on your mat with your body relaxed and eyes typically closed) is the final pose you will be invited into.  This final pose is an integral and important part of your yoga practice.  Please give yourself the time for the full savasana, please plan to stay for the entire class.  However, if you must leave class early, please communicate this to the instructor prior to class and quietly exit the studio before savasana so as to not disturb others.

Following Class

Following Class

Following Class

  • Tea is provided following class.  Please stay and join us in community if you are able.
  • Please put away all props and if you've borrowed a studio mat, please wipe it down.
  • Feel free to stay following class to ask any clarifying questions you may have about your practice.
  • Remember to collect all of your belongings after class.